ToursFly is software for business process automation of travel agencies. It consists of the following modules:

-Products catalogs administration
-Reporting panel

-CMS for web layer


In short, the administrative modules allow entry of products/services catalog with their basic parameters such as rates, fees, taxes, etc. The system currently supports the sale of hotels capacitys, organized arrangements with transportation, tickets for all kinds of cultural and sporting events, travel/health insurance, and bus, plane and boat tickets.

Dynamic reports are provided to managers where they can track variety sales statistics and filter it by business unit , by operator , by service type, by time scale, by price's ranks of services, etc. With a customer database, these statements create a precondition for the implementation of customers loyalty program.

Operators panels allow operators to sell all products/services entered into the product catalog. The system minimizes human error factor becaurse the operator does not have the ability to change prices (without the permission of the administrator / manager) and all calculations , account fees, taxes, etc. are automated. The second operator panel allows tracking of on-line booking.

Presentation layer of the system allows web users to view all offer of products/services and enable their reservation. Presentation layer is adaptable to the clients requirements and can be upgraded with payment gateway module to enable the automatic purchases through the site.

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